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Seeing London just one time should be on the check list of any traveler’s. The UK offers a wonderful range of travel options and environments, from the urban chic of London, to the quiet countryside of the Lakes District, the gritty music and sports hubs of Manchester and Liverpool, not to mention the breathtaking coastlines that ring the island nation. Because the entirety of the UK is English speaking, it’s a great place to get your feet wet with international travel. My friend Jason took his first trip abroad, to London, last year, at 42 years old, and now he’s got a thirst for more. Add to the cultural appeal, the excellent exchange rate against the American dollar (thank you Brexit) and the UK is a very appealing destination indeed.

Advantages taking private tours of Rome: Some people hear the words Private Tour and automatically think this will be cost prohibitive. Yet this could not be further from the truth. Families are normally very surprised at how much better value for money is offered by private tours, especially when there are several members in a party to spread the cost. Once all the extra costs are taken into consideration, private tours can often work out at a better per person price than going on a shared tour with other strangers. And for those really looking for an exclusive experience, options are available to upgrade to our VIP Level Tours.

Best choices, from my point of view for travel destinations that i believe must be seen at least once. Northern Europe and particularly Finland is a amazing travel destination. Oslo, Norway – Surrounded by water, mountains and forests, Oslo is an easy-going city with a fine array of international museums, parks and galleries. Lovers of contemporary architecture will want to check out the city’s fantastic modern buildings – the striking Opera House, the Astrup Fearnley Museum and the state-of-the art ‘floating’ Holmenkollen ski jump – but there’s plenty for history buffs and art fans too. Museums devoted to subjects as diverse as Polar exploration, wartime Resistance, Viking ships, the Kon-Tiki expedition and, of course, Edvard Munch and his famous Scream are all here.

Other Adventure Travel things to do:

Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro is definitely a must-do for any adventure traveler, but if you’ve already knocked off a trek to the highest point in Africa, then perhaps circumnavigating it on foot is your next big challenge. The Kilimanjaro Stage Run gives trail runners the chance to see the mountain — and the surrounding countryside — in a way that most foreigners never get to experience. Over the course of six days, partipants in the run will cover more than 160 miles, completely on foot, passing through remote villages seldom visited by westerners. The run is led by none other than Simon Mtuy, a world-class marathon runner who created the KSR as a way to bring more visitors to his home country. The trip isn’t for the feint of heart however, as it requires good physical conditioning and the ability to push yourself outside of your comfort zone. The rewards are numerous and potentially life-changing however, making this a journey that will stay with you long after you’ve gone back home.

By curating information over 500 cities and 3000 attractions globally, we help you decide where to go and what to do. We understand that people have different ways of discovering their next trip. Sometimes, just reading short descriptions isn’t enough to give you inspirations for your travel destinations; you need more stories from different perpectives. For this reason, we present our blog to our beloved travelers around the world. On our blog, we write helpful and interesting stories to inspire and help our beloved travel addicts. Beginner travelers can find useful information about travel destinations, experiences, and tips. Those with travel experiences can also find unique, fresh and most up to date travel stories. More info on Search tour packages.

Top destinations for holidays with kids, a big challenge for families with kids. Let’s see some destinations that are ideal for kids. Let’s face it, if you have a family travel bucket list, taking your kids to see the nation’s greatest natural wonder is definitely on it. So why is 2019 the year to visit? Because Grand Canyon National Park is celebrating its 100th birthday as a national park. The park is rolling out special events to celebrate, but even without them, you can still explore the stunning scenery of the mile-deep crevice by hiking a corridor trail, riding a mule down the Canyon or just enjoying the landscape from an overlook. Another family favorite here: A ride on the Grand Canyon Railway, which combines an unforgettable ride through spectacular surroundings with live music and stories that bring the Old West to life.

Sardinia … an incredible place to visit.. As attractive as the busy little fishing harbor town is with its pastel houses climbing up the hill, it pales compared to the medieval village inside the walls above. At the very top is a 12th-century castle with a good museum that explores the local craft specialty of basket making. The narrow streets around the castle wind steeply down the hill, breaking into steps at the steepest points, and in doorways, you may see women weaving baskets with intricate designs. Views from the top extend in both directions along the coast and as far as Corsica. The Duomo, in the little plaza below, has one of Sardinia’s finest altarpieces, dating from the 15th century, along with fine woodcarvings in the choir and a crypt. Its bell tower began life as a lighthouse.

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