Myanmar attractions

An incredible location, Myanmar, you must see this place on Earth! Here are some top attractions in Myanmar. Shwemawdaw Paya got its name, the Great Golden God, because the glittering gold that covers it can be seen for miles around. The diamond-studded top also is responsible for some of the glitter. At almost 114 meters (375 feet) high, it is the tallest pagoda in Myanmar. It is especially important to Buddhism because it contains several relics belonging to Buddha. Located in Bago, the 1,000-year-old complex is highly ornate with smaller pagodas that also are gold-covered, statues and pavilions.

Kengtung Tong, the capital of the Golden Triangle area, is the beautiful attraction of Myanmar in the far east of Shan State where you are immensely impressed by the beauty of the rolling hills and the idyllic villages. The town is home to numerous Burmese ethnic tribes so it offers you a chance to soak in the cultural diversity of different groups. The arrival point is famous for its picturesque mountains and the ethnic groups living on it as well. This area is quite secluded and remains a vague location with many visitors. If you want a perfect trip here for Myanmar tourism you need to plan well and should go with a local tour guide.

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Inwa is another former capital of the Burmese Kingdom near Mandalay. In the 19th century, a devastating earthquake destroyed most of the city and it was later moved to Amarapura. If you visit today, you can see the ruins of the old pagodas and a large monastery made from teak where monks still attend today. Mount Popa is a mountain near Bagan that towers over the region below. This is considered to be the Mount Olympus of Myanmar and is a very holy place. Locals believe that Nat Spirits live here and several shrines and pavilions honour them. People come from all around the country to make their offerings to appease these potentially nasty spirits. When you arrive, it’s free to climb up the 777 steps to reach the top. Several vendors sell their goods and you’re sharing the mountain with an army of monkeys. At the top, there’s a large pagoda and beautiful views of the dry, dusty landscape below. The best way to reach Mount Popa is to take a tour from Bagan.