How to Become Travel Affiliate

When trying to find the perfect affiliate marketing niche, many people find themselves gravitating towards the travel industry. When someone is able to succeed with affiliate marketing in the travel niche, it can be insanely profitable. People often spend thousands of dollars on vacations, so even if you only earn a small commission percentage through an affiliate program, it can often stack up to quite a bit of income.

The problem most people have with the travel niche as it pertains to affiliate marketing is the competition. When you perform a Google search in the travel related industry, you see the same big players show up all the time. Sites like,, and other sites funded by million dollar ad campaigns flood the search results. So clearly it’s a niche that can’t be won. Right? Wrong.

The website is mainly setup to be monetized with pay-per-click earnings although it is also able to earn you a percentage based commission on actual sales brought through site. For example, if someone books a flight on your website, you earn 50% net income meaning the travel partner will share with you 50% in whatever they profited on the deal. The same goes for Hotels. Inquire for more details.

Is the domain included in the purchase?

No the domain name is not included in the purchase we ask you to register your domain and provide it during order. We re-brand your travel site on your domain name of your choosing. You can register domain using domain registrars like Once you have your domain name for your travel engine a high end graphic designer will design a logo to brand your site to be competitive with all major travel providers on the web.

How do I compete with major travel booking engines?

Target a location and a niche. This is our #1 recommendation for you to succeed. Don’t compete internationally with companies that spend hundreds of thousands on marketing every day. Target 1 location and dominate it for all inbound and outbound travel and you will find great success in doing this.

How to Become Travel Affiliate With Travelerrr.Com

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