5 top attractions in Sardinia

Sardinia … a fabulous location to visit. Since the 9th century BC, Bosa has overlooked the mouth of Sardinia’s only navigable river, in a valley that is today green with farms. A tangle of Medieval streets winds from the old stone bridge and pastel buildings lining the riverfront, to the hilltop Malaspina Castle. Although you can drive straight to the castle, take some time to walk in the old streets, where modest little houses mix comfortably with grand noble homes; the restored manor house of Casa Deriu is open as a museum with furnished rooms and an art gallery. Inside the castle is a 13th-century chapel, where you should see the unusual 14th-century fresco cycle. The coastal road north from Bosa to Alghero is spectacular, and not at all hair-raising, despite its height above the sea in places.

The Giara, located in the center-east of Sardinia, hosts a rare herd existing in Italy and in Europe of little wild horses and a park with cork oaks forests and Mediterranean maquis. This area is well known also for its archaeological monuments such as the famous Barumini nuraghe, so called “Su Nuraxi” declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The nuraghes are defensive towers to be found throughout the island, marked by their truncated cone shape and built with great blocks of roughly hewn stone, using the dry-stone technique. The nuraghi are defensive towers found throughout the island and are marked by their truncated cone shape; they are constructed in huge stone blocks according to the dry stone technique. Read more on Luxury Travel Tours Italy

Guiseppe Garibaldi was the founding father of modern Italy. He spent the last years of his life on the tiny island of Caprera, which is part of La Maddalena archipelago. His farm and house, Casa Bianca, have been transformed into a small museum where you can see the boat in which Garibaldi rowed to the mainland and his famous red shirt. This bold modern structure in the port area of Olbia houses some of the island’s most ancient history. Don’t miss the Roman era vessel which was found in the towns main port. Entrance is free, which is a nice little bonus.

Parco Nazionale Arcipelago Di La Maddalena is a national park in the North of Sardinia. During clear days, you can see the coastline of the French island Corsica from the most Northern island of La Maddalena, Isola Razzoli. This archipelago, of which most islands can only be reached by boat, offers an unspoiled nature, stunning views, friendly people, and nearly anything else you need to feel completely away from this world. The Louis Vuitton Trophy, one of the most prestigious sailing races in the world, visits La Maddalena with a good reason!