Motorcycle trips vs scooter rental

How to prepare motorcycle trips: tips and tricks. We already have around the corner the holidays and the planning of our motorcycle trip during the summer. There are many things that we have in our heads and it is worthwhile to put order so that we do not leave anything that we can not regret or that can ruin those well-deserved vacations.

Do not worry, we’re going to give you a hand so that your motorcycle trip is as comfortable and safe as possible.

Set-up of your motorbike for the summer

The first thing you have to do is a review of your motorcycle to check that everything is up to date. In a previous article we told you “Everything you need to know about the set-up of a motorcycle” so, if you have not done it yet, we recommend that before continuing reading, review the link in the above post in the that we explain to you how to start making the revision and tuning of the motorcycle.


Do you want a summary? Here it goes:

Oil: The oil must be checked periodically, even if it does not touch you, take a look before starting the trip.

Coolant: Like oil, the coolant is worth checking visually on a regular basis, if you run out, the breakdown is assured and it will not be cheap.

Brakes and chain: The brake pads last more or less depending on the driving we have, but do not forget that if you have worn out you have to change them, do not worry. The chain also needs maintenance and checking that its condition, tension and lubrication is correct will prevent it from breaking in the middle of a journey with the problems and the danger it entails.

Cleaning and greasing: Thoroughly clean your motorcycle before the trip, dry and grease all the parts that need it. Remember that you can take with you Vulcanet, an easy system to keep your bike clean also during the trip and without the need for water. Click here to see how it works.

Filters: Although oil is normally changed, the fact is that gas and air are not usually taken into account. Both influence the life of our motorcycle, preventing impurities from entering the engine, but also help to have better performance and lower consumption.

Tires: A fundamental part of our safety, check not only the pressure, if they are worn out, consider buying new ones and changing them before the trip.

Lights: Check that all the lights work before leaving, paying special attention to the rear lights since we will not see them unless we review them expressly.

Battery: Last but not least, check the battery and check that everything is correct. If our battery loses charge, it may even fail to run, leaving us lying down. That is why it is important to know the time you have and anticipate the problems that may arise. In the case of batteries that require it, it is also convenient to check their levels. Having a battery-charger-maintainer is an ideal option to make sure everything works properly and that, in addition, our motorcycle will start the first time. If you do not know them, check out this post about 10 advantages of using lithium batteries for motorcycles.

Motorbike clothes for summer and essential accessories

Another mistake that some motorists make is not to protect their body with specific motorbike clothes for the summer. It’s hot and we think we’ll be more comfortable without so many clothes on, but our advice is always the same, if you equip yourself with summer clothes, you’ll be protected, comfortable and suffer less injuries in case of fall.


If you are going on a long motorcycle trip, it is more than advisable that you wear an integral helmet, ventilated summer jackets that incorporate protections, pants that protect your legs in case of a fall, good ventilated motorcycle boots and motorbike gloves. summer. Read more on rent scooter Barcelona.