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Malta property for sale for a continuous holiday

Malta property for sale for an all year long holiday? Yes, it is possible. Malta is an incredible place to live. Why going on vacation when you can stay in a permanent vacation purchasing a property there? Why move to Malta and what ca you see there? With an almost tropical quality, the Blue Lagoon […]

A vacation in a comfortable and luxurious apartment ?

Can you imagine spending your vacation in a comfortable and luxurious apartment? When we decide to make an investment, we must take into account that whether it is an apartment, a house, a fifth or a local one, it must be adapted to our income. But, it would be better to adapt to our income […]

Vacation rentals in Italy

Italy attractions … to many to count. Venice and Verona are the famous draws in the Veneto, but there is so much more to enjoy. Padua and Vicenza each make weekend breaks in their own right, as does Vicenza, home to several buildings by Palladio and arguably one of the most beautiful small towns in […]